The Red Cymbals Vision!


Community is everything…

Red Cymbals do more than strive to make the best quality and amazing sounding cymbals…we also care about the creative people who play them and the people that they create with. We promote and support positive mental health and well-being by donating to mental health initiatives and contribute by building a supportive community around musicians - we are a cymbal company with heart!

Money from the sales of all products will be donated to  mental health initiatives that are making a difference in our community: Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) and one other to be announced soon…

Musicians and creative people are 10 times more likely to face mental health issues (CLICK HERE) so we as a cymbal company want to be a part of changing that.

Red Cymbals will sponsor regular jams and drum sheds around Australia and internationally to support and promote good mental health. Musicians/Drummers of all levels are welcome and space will be provided where people can chat, talk about any struggles that they are having and seek help where needed. Sometimes it is just good to get things off your chest.


We are a proud supporter of Support Act who care for musicians in crisis and in need of assistance. We will donate $5 from every cymbal sale to Support Act to help them continue their valuable work. Visit the Support Act website to find out more about their work.

$5 from every cymbal sale will also be donated to Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) to help them continue their work in creating awareness for missing Australians and the issues pertaining to ‘missingness’ and providing practical support to families. MPAN also makes a positive difference to the mental health of people both vulnerable to going missing, as well as supporting the families and friends of people who are missing.


Amount donated thus far

to Support Act and MPAN:


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Support Act and MPAN - consider making a donation to their work