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Want to be endorsed?

THINGS TO CONSIDER before asking for an endorsement:
We don’t give away FREE CYMBALS or we would not stay in business for very long. We have paid our dues and worked hard - we respect people who do the same.

An endorsement is a reciprocal agreement where we may provide cymbals to you at a reduced cost because we believe in you and that you will help our brand gain visibility and sales. An endorsee will help promote our brand and represent us well in the music market place. They will help us reach people that we don’t already.

Someone hoping to be endorsed will generally: maintain an active web presence on social media by creating engaging content (videos and high quality photos), have over 1,000 followers/likes/subscribers on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube, be gigging/performing regularly and have an active drum teaching/instruction practice.

We are keen to work with motivated and talented drummers/artists who appreciate our product and want to be a part of making Red Cymbals successful.

Download the information and application and email it to us when complete. Filling out the application doesn’t guarantee an endorsement but you never know unless you give it a go.

Endorsement Information and Application

(click the link /\ to download)