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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals 'Red' Baffles 4 Pack with a Bag - MADE IN AUSTRALIA! Acrylic or LEXAN

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The 'Red' Baffles 4 pack is a combination of 1x 22", 2x 24" and 1x 26" sizes with a Red Deluxe Bag which will protect your baffles if having to transport them or if you have to pack them up regularly. The bag includes dividers and enough room for the full set as well as a large front pocket for accessories. Please contact us if you would like other sizes and we will send you a quote.

Red Baffles are made in the southeast of Melbourne - Australia. They are easy to mount on a standard yet sturdy cymbal stand (we can supply cymbal stands at an extra cost if needed)

Cymbal / Drum baffles are an effective alternative to the dreaded 'drummer's cage'- the plexiglass/perspex drum screen which sucks the energy out of the room, ruins the vibe and is hated by most drummers.
Instead, these baffles can be positioned in front of louder instruments on a drum kit such as cymbals or a snare for refracting harsh frequencies (reducing bleed into mics on stage especially vocalist mics) and are relatively invisible on the stage.

WHY Choose Red Baffles? 
They are made from high quality 6mm or 8mm acrylic or LEXAN (depending on your choice) which are far superior to the standard flimsy 3mm acrylic that a lot of companies use and can't purchased at a regular hardware store. The thicker material provides a higher level of sound refraction and are more durable. 

NB: Red Baffles refract sound and reduce stage noise but don’t make loud drummers quieter - that is a completely different story! We can help with that - contact Dylan to arrange a consultation:

Benefits of Baffles:
*Transparent = relatively invisible on stage if cared for properly to avoid scratching
*Easily transportable or packed away in a padded cymbal bag such as our Red Deluxe Cymbal Bag and protected from marks with dividers.
*Simple to set up on a standard cymbal stand.

Each Red Baffle comes with:
2 cymbal felts
1 cymbal mount sleeve

Red Baffles are made in Australia. The baffles are constructed of cast acrylic (PMMA plastic) or LEXAN Polycarbonate in a range of thicknesses. Whether you choose Acrylic or LEXAN depends on your needs.

How do Acrylic and LEXAN differ?
Acrylic has an impact strength 17 times stronger than glass and whereas LEXAN is 250 times stronger than glass therefore LEXAN is stronger yet more flexible than Acrylic.

Why different thicknesses?
The thickness (mm = millimetres) of the baffles are personal preference however the thicker the material equates to the ability for the baffles to refract the sound waves and also the durability of the baffle. We don't make 3mm baffles as they are too thin and too prone to bending.

Temperature Tolerances:
Acrylic (Celcius) -4 to 90 degrees
LEXAN (Celcius) -5 to 115 degrees

Transmission of Light:
Acrylic: 92%
LEXAN: 89%

How many baffles?
We recommend using a minimum of 3-4 baffles for a standard drum set up (4-5 piece kit and hi-hats/2 crashes/ride)

They ship with a removable covering/film which can be peeled off prior to use.

How to clean?
Wipe any finger prints off gently with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. DO NOT USE WINDEX or other chemical based cleaners as they may cause the acrylic to cloud or lose their transparency.

Can we customise the size or do a colour other than clear?
Absolutely (14" 28") - email us and let's talk:

How long does it take to make and ship the baffles? 
We suggest allowing 7-10 business days for manufacture and shipping of your baffles (allowing for public holidays etc..) HOWEVER we will always work hard to get them to you sooner.

What is the warranty/returns policy?
Red Baffles are covered by a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects from reasonable use but does not cover scratches or clouding from improper cleaning or care. Red Baffles should not crack if treated with care however if you experience any issues please get in touch.

Baffles can be returned within 14 days for a refund as long as they are not damaged or marked/scratched. The buyer will need to pay for the return shipping costs.

Do we ship internationally?
Absolutely however any customs import duties or taxes levied by your country are the buyers responsibility. Get in touch for a shipping quote outside of Australia