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Cymbal Models

‘The standards’


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Red Brights are just that…bright. However they possess a warmth that a lot of brighter cymbals may lack due to their weight and thickness. These cymbals are medium/thin and will cut through without being tonally obnoxious.


Hybrid - where dark meets bright and agrees on semi-dry

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The Hybrid, with it’s alternating lathed and unlathed composition create a traditional, earthy yet powerful and solid cymbal sound with a raw bell. The cymbals are medium/thin weight.


Bright Hybrid - ‘Worship’ Series

Worship hats.jpg

This series is brighter to a degree, than the standard Hybrid cymbals and are great all round cymbals suited to a range of diverse styles of music. This series is a great combination of a ‘crashable’ ride with great stick definition which doesn’t override the entire drum and stage sound. The crash cymbals are a hybrid of dry and bright. They are strong enough in sound to project but sensitive enough to provide a diverse dynamic range. The hi-hats are crisp, bright and slightly tonally dry but have a bright and heavy bottom hi-hats which makes their sound more robust. Customisations to the thickness and sound can be made on request to suit individual players.


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The Dark series possess rich dark and dry tones. They are unlathed on top yet to provide a unique contrasting sound as they are lathed underneath. The cymbals are medium/thin with a ‘crashable’ ride that has great stick definition. The hi hats cut through yet are dry in tone and not overly bright. The crashes are responsive, dry and have a quick decay.



Dry .jpg
Dry Hats.jpg

This series is both bright and warm in tone. The main body of the cymbal is similar to the Bright series yet with extra hand hammering and unlathed portions to provide a warmth and shimmer which differentiate it from other series.


Cymbals for Churches and Worship Drummers


Having trouble finding cymbals that work in church

and don’t tear the face off the front row of the congregation?

The Red Cymbals Team are worship drummers who have a lot of experience playing in church and the worship environment and know just what it is like to be asked: “Do you have any brushes/hot rods?”

Every church has an individual volume requirements and need for cymbals that don’t drown out the rest of the worship team. Get in touch and let us work with you to custom make cymbals to suit your church or playing situation.

Extreme Life Church Warrnambool

Extreme Life Church Warrnambool (in Victoria Australia) use Red Cymbals, Bright Series 14” Hi-Hats, 16” & 18” Crashes and a 22” Ride

Visit their website to find out more about Extreme Life Church



The Red Signature Series are a special creation: light, dry, washy yet possessing great stick definition and just the right amount of buttery goodness. Every cymbal is unique and look smashing (pun intended!). Click on the photos for video demos.


The ‘Unusuals’

The Unusuals are a specialty line that are custom order only. They are a little, no…a lot…unique. We like to make them on a custom order basis to make sure that you can make sure that the weight and thickness is to your liking.

‘Easy Tiger!’

Easy Tiger.jpg
Easy Tiger hats.jpg

Looking for something different in your sound? The 'Easy Tiger' provides a depth of rich dark tones, dry earthiness and a mild wash. The cymbals are thin but not super washy or trashy.


Explosive ‘Trashy’

Explosive Hats.jpg

The Explosive series are light and trashy. They are a thin cymbal that can be utilised as FX cymbals or used as a regular cymbal set up if you are looking for something a bit different.


THE BASH CRASH - Thin and trashy: think China, Splash and Crash combined. Click on the video to hear a demo…


FX BRIGHT CRASH - a great compromise between a crash and a china. A great addition to any cymbal set up. Click on the video to hear a demo…

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FX DRY CRASH - a great to make your cymbal set up stand out is to add an unusual cymbal like this amazing FX crash! Click on the video to hear a demo…

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THE RAW BELL - this will wake up an entire house from slumber! The Raw Bell (10” pictured) is like a splash…actually not really. Click on the video to hear it for yourself, words aren’t enough!


FX Cymbal Stack

The cymbal stack that you have always wanted is only limited by your imagination! Contact us or email and tell us what you want in a stacker and we will make it for you! Email:


CUSTOM Cymbals - Design your own sound

Don’t want to sound like any other drummer on the planet? We want you, as a Red Artist, to stand out!

If you have a specific sound that you are looking for, get in touch and we will get started making the best cymbals that you will ever play, custom made for you to suit your sound. Let us know the weight (grams), type, size, sound and we will get to work making something amazing just for you. Check out some of the custom cymbals that we have produced below.

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Cymbals are available in the following sizes:

Ride 18'“ - 28”
Crash 14” - 24”
Hi-Hats 12” - 18”
China 8” - 24”
Splash 6” - 12”
FX Crash 16” - 24”
Bash Crash 14” - 24”


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