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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals Hybrid Series Ride Cymbal - 'made to order'

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The Hybrid, with it’s alternating lathed and unlathed composition create an earthy yet powerful and solid cymbal sound with a raw bell. The cymbals are medium/thin weight. Check out the DEMO of this cymbal on the Red Cymbals YouTube Channel.

The Hybrid Series is 'Made to Order' meaning that it is a custom series that we generally only carry limited stock of and make this series to order for customers.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos


If the cymbal you want isn't in stock please get in touch and we will get it in for you. We have regular shipments coming in. If you have any questions about cymbals, please email Dylan at 

If we custom make you a cymbal or make a cymbal for you that we don't have in stock just be aware that the process of making a cymbal can take 3 weeks. Therefore we suggest allowing 8 weeks from the time of ordering for shipping and processing. We will stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the progress of the cymbal being made.