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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals 'Your Style' Unisex T-shirt - Made in Australia to your specs

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CUSTOM T Shirt? What?

Yes, we will make you a tshirt ourselves, to your specs in terms of tshirt colour, size (obviously), design and design colour/type. We have a bunch of different materials we use to heat press onto the tshirt including: glow in the dark, sparkly/glittery, matt, gloss, feel free to get creative or just go with the standard red graphic.

IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT: select "Other" and we will get in touch to clarify what you want. You might want a ladies size or smaller/larger size etc... Let's talk!

BEFORE you order please get in touch if you have any questions or special requests:

You don't have to be a drummer to wear a Red Cymbals t-shirt. By purchasing this t-shirt you are helping us support 3 great organisations which help people in their moment of need: Support Act, Missing Persons Advocacy Network and Just One Cambodia.

Support Act helps music industry workers and musicians in Australia, Missing Persons Advocacy Network helps families in their search for missing loved ones and Just One Cambodia helps by training people in Cambodia to build businesses and in skills to find better paying employment to support their families and the community around them.


What's the story behind 'i see red'?

This particular tee shirt 'i see red' refers to the brand Red (Cymbals) but also references the fact that sometimes we literally see red and get angry.

Some people struggle with their mental health and we want to acknowledge this and say that it is OK to feel emotions. More so, it is about what we do with those emotions that count. We advocate for doing positive things with emotions - particularly playing the drums to vent frustration, anger and potentially volatile and destructive emotions.

That's a bit full on, we know, yet Red Cymbals as a company is all about encouraging people to be the best version of themselves and live the best life. We also support 3 organisations with regular donations who we think are making a difference in the lives of people: Support Act, Missing Persons Advocacy Network and Just One Cambodia.

If you want to know more, email: