Traditional Series fx Crashes: 14" - 24"

Traditional Series fx Crashes: 14" - 24"

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The Traditional Series are heavier than the Vertical Series with more lathing and yet less hammering. They have a great defined sound and projection without being too loud.

The most popular fx crashes are the 18" & 20" however if you would like another size we will make you one on request.

Not exactly what you are looking for? Email us and tell us what you want and we will custom make it! Check out the 18" fx Crash and the rest of the series on the Red Cymbals YouTube Channel.


Sometimes cymbals are out of stock at the time of ordering. We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know and present you with options for obtaining the cymbal that you want. If you have any questions about cymbals, please email Dylan at before you order. 

The process of making a cymbal can take 3 - 5 weeks, therefore we suggest allowing 5 - 8 weeks from the time of ordering for shipping and processing. We will stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the progress of the cymbal being made.


If the shipping cost at check out doesn’t seem right please email us and check before you order if we can do a better deal for you on shipping. Contact Dylan: