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The benefits of being a red drum school teacher:

Run your own business (we don’t take a commission)
Use the Red Drum School branding for credibility
Promotion on Red Drum School/Red Cymbals social media and website
Assistance with building your own website/social media
Membership of the Red Drum School Team forum for advice and PD
Receive exclusive pricing on Red Cymbals and Heartbeat Drumsticks
Become a Red Cymbals Re-seller
Offer education discounted pricing to your students on cymbals and sticks
Host Red Drum Sheds

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What is your ethos of Teaching/Music education
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Meet Our Drum Teachers


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Josh Theunissen

Josh picked up sticks at the age of 4 years of age! His drumming education journey started at the age of 5. He showed such an enthusiasm for drumming that his parents took him to a drum teacher who initially didn’t want to teach someone so young but after giving him a shot on the drums decided that his natural ability outweighed their reservations about teaching him.

Josh studied Units 1 - 4 VCE Music in Secondary School while continuing to have lessons all the way through school thus developing his craft to the level of excellence that it is today.

Josh works with Red Cymbals as the main product demonstrator as well as leading the Red Drum Sheds and playing in outdoor performance videos to showcase the cymbals.

Josh has dedicated the majority of his playing to church related events and is on the music team in his church however he also enjoys playing the drums at Red Drum Sheds and sharing tips and giving mini lessons to drummers at Red Cymbal community events.

Vision for Drum Teaching
Josh’s drum teaching method is a solid combination of making the lessons both practical and theoretical. He teaches his students, rudiments, reading, beats, sticking patterns and helps them learn songs to perform at Red Drum School performance nights.

Josh teaches both in person and over Skype/Facetime in either 30 minute lessons or longer by negotiation (Australian Eastern Standard Time GMT+10).

Josh is based in Warragul Victoria. To book a lesson with Josh, please complete the contact form below or email:

More Teachers / Regions Coming Soon…


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