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October 2019 26th Red Drum Shed at Pen Cap Chew Studios 7/2 Pritchard St O’Connor

27th Perth Drummers Day The Hen House Rehearsal Studios 3/3 Baden St,

Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia

November 2019 9th Melbourne - Melbourne Lights CHurch 11 Eastlink Drive Hallam

November 2019 16th Bendigo - RPM Rehearsal Studios 5 Mundy Street Bendigo

Dates To be Confirmed: New Zealand

Contact Dylan on 0422 500 071 for more details

Red Shed Highlight Video (press Play Below)

Red Drum Sheds are Proudly sponsored by:

SKB Cases, Promark Drum Sticks and Evans Drumheads


Red Cymbals have a range of distinct sounds and tones


‘The Standards’

‘Bright’ - ‘Hybrid’ - ‘Bright Hybrid’ - ‘Dark’ - ‘Warm’

Cymbals for every style of music and playing situation


‘the unusuals’- Unusual and FX

‘Easy Tiger’ - ‘Explosive’ Series ‘Bash Crash’, ‘Dry FX’, ‘Bright FX’, ‘Raw Bell’ and ‘Bright FX Twist’

Dark, Dry and Complex vs. Trashy and Unique.


The Black Logo - Red Signature Series.

A special cymbal design by founder Dylan Redman who wanted thin, dark and semi-dry cymbals that still maintain some bright tones to cut through without becoming too washy or too dry. The hats are thin but strong and sizzle beautifully, the crashes are ‘buttery’ and dry yet work well at low volume as well as opening up spectacularly when they are hit harder. The ride is crashable, has great definition yet is light and has a lovely wash to it.

15” Red Signature Hi-Hats (Black Logo)

19” Red Signature Crash

22'“ Red Signature Ride

‘The individual’

Custom Made Cymbals

We want all of our customer to feel like they are ‘endorsed’ and a part of Team Red, therefore, for drummers who want something specific from their cymbals and want to build their sound from the ground up we make custom cymbals.

We aren’t afraid to try something new so put us to the test!

EXAMPLES? Have a look at some of the custom cymbals that we have made for our awesome customers below, click on the images and have a listen.

HOW? If you send us a sound file/video, photo and gram weight of your favourite cymbal, we will have them made to your specs*. Why not email us and chat about making cymbals that will perfectly suit you!

*Custom cymbals can take longer and may incur an extra cost to manufacture.

23” Custom Dry Ride

14” Custom Dry Hats

19” Custom ‘Sugar’ Crash

18” ‘Trad’ Crash - traditional sound

18” ‘Fire’ China (Inverted bell)

15” ‘Fire’Hi-Hats with rippled bottom hat

19” ‘Fire’ Crash

22” ‘Fire’ Ride (large bell)

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WHat we are about…

‘Red Cymbals’ are an Australian company whose cymbals are meticulously handcrafted in Turkey using methods that are part of a time honoured tradition, spanning many centuries. We work with drummers who admire quality and demand excellence. We cater for a range of styles and sound from Dark, Dry, Trashy to Bright and can customise cymbals to suit your sound.

The point of difference is that we exist as a company to create a community of drummers who come together and back each other. We support positive mental health initiatives through donations from the sale of Red Cymbals as well as running events to promote positive well-being and mental health.

We run regular jams/drum sheds (see our latest Events) to get together and share ideas as well as to create a space where people can come and chat if they are struggling, just need a listening ear or a hand working through a life issue.

Support is offered for drummers and creative people who might be going through a tough time, to assist people in finding the help they need to stay healthy AND keep on drumming and creating!

Dylan Redman - Red Cymbals CNM (Chief Noise Maker)


Why is Red Cymbals a 'Cymbal Company With Heart'? Meet our CEO Dylan Redman and find out the vision behind Red Cymbals


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